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Natural Laundry Soap

New Natural Laundry Soap
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Our all natural laundry soap is gentle on your fabrics and cleans your clothes the old fashioned natural way- without chemicals!  Low sudsing is perfect for HE washers and any other machine. Use in powder form or follow instructions to make liquid laundry soap.  For powder use only 1TB per load or use 1/2C per load for liquid.

Did you know? Chemical residue left behind on your clothes is absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream, potentially causing a host of sensitivities and health issues.  Those chemicals are also not safe for the environment.

Perfect for people with skin sensitivity to even the mildest of detergents.  Our natural formulation is gentle and without toxic fragrances that irritate the senses.  We know you will love the the natural clean feel and the fact that this natural laundry soap is safe for our environment!  We recommend using cold water wash cycles.

Ingredients: Borax, Washing Powder, Castile Soap Flakes